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Premium Interior Detail in Kent

  1. All prices are contingent upon inspection of vehicle
  2. Excessively dirty vehicles (Crumbs, Dirt, Pet Hair, Mud, Tar, Overspray) will be charged extra at a rate of $50 per hour.
  3. Prices do not include tax
  • Small all coupes, sedans and 2 seaters.
  • Medium 2 Row SUVS, Station Wagons and 2 Door Pickups
  • Large SUV's with 3rd row, 4 Door Pickups
  • Extra Large Mini Vans, Full Size Vans, Full Size SUV's

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From a wipe down to a deep clean interior detail we have you covered.

Haven’t Cleaned Your Interior In A Few Weeks? No Worries.

The Stage 1 Detail is our entry level service that’ll get your interior in a much better condition without spending too much time or money.

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Stage 1 Detail

Here’s what you'll get:

– Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior (carpet, mats, seats, etc…)

– Wipe down of light dust and debris on all surfaces

– UV protection on plastic surfaces

– Streak-free interior glass and windows

There’s no deep cleaning with this service. If your vehicle has a heavy amount of pet hair, stains, and spills you’d like addressed, then our Full Interior Cleaning service would be a better option for you.

This is more of an upkeep service. So if it’s been several weeks or so since you’ve last cleaned your interior and the condition has gotten a little out of hand, then we can get it back to its former glory.

Depending on the size and condition, this service usually takes under an hour to complete.

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Take Your Interior From “It’s so dirty,” to “It looks brand new” with Stage 2 Interior

This is the most intensive interior cleaning service we offer to get the condition back to the best condition possible.

The seats, floor mats, dashboard, center console, door panels, headliner, cup holders, etc… gets cleaned and shampooed.

If it can be cleaned, we’ll clean it. Does that mean every last stain and blemish is going to be removed? No. There’s somethings that are out of our capabilities of cleaning.

However, we’ll do everything we can to make it look a lot better for you!

And don’t worry if you think your interior is “too dirty” to clean. After cleaning hundreds of interiors, we challenge you to try and surprise us.

If you’re looking for a complete makeover of your vehicle take a look at our Stage 2 Exterior for that extra wow.

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Express Detail

  • Interior

    • Vacuum
    • Clean Windows
    • Wipe Door panels, Dashboard, Center Console and Cupholder


    • Wash Exterior
    • Clean Wheel Faces, Wheel Wells and Tires
    • Dress Tires
    • Paint Sealer

    S $125 M $150 L $175

    *Only vehicles that have recently been detailed by RPM Autospa or less then 6 months old with approval only.

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STAGE 1 — Interior

Vac , Wipe, Steam and Dress

  • Clean Windows
  • Wipe Door Panels
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Steam Clean Center Console, Cup Holders, Doors and plastics.
  • Dress Interior

S $225 M $250 L $275

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STAGE 2 — Interior

Vac ,Wipe, Deep Clean Panels, Steam Seats and Carpets, Dress Interior

  • ​Trash Removal
  • Vacuum, Shampoo, and Steam Clean all Carpeted Surfaces (mats, seats, center console)
  • Vacuum Floor Mats
  • Dashboard Steam Cleaned
  • Steering Wheel Steam Cleaned
  • Instrument Cluster Steam Cleaned
  • Navigation/Entertainment Screen Cleaned
  • Cup Holders Degreased and Steam Cleaned
  • Headliner and Sun Visors Spot Cleaned
  • Carpet's and Floor Mats Steam Cleaned
  • Seats Shampooed\Leather Treated
  • Clean All Door Panels and Vinyl Surfaces and Apply UV Protectant
  • Clean Trunk
  • Air Freshener Applied

​2-4 Hours

S $325 M $350 L $375

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  • Small all coupes, sedans and 2 seaters.
  • Medium 2 Row SUVS, Station Wagons and 2 Door Pickups
  • Large SUV's with 3rd row, 4 Door Pickups
  • Extra Large Mini Vans, Full Size Vans, Full Size SUV's

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