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What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Protect your car and help it look its best every day.

Getting a ceramic coating on your car is one of the best ways to protect it and help it look its best. At RPM Autospa, we offer high-quality ceramic coating done by hand by our skilled technicians here in Kent. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of ceramic coating for your vehicle.

Car getting a ceramic coating.

Preserves Paint Coating

All cars, no matter how careful you may be, are susceptible to getting scratches. And, if you want to fix those scratches, you may know that professionally painting your car is costly. But, having a ceramic coating on your car will preserve its paint coating. No longer will you have to park at the back of the parking lot to avoid other cars or customers from accidentally scratching your car’s paint — with a ceramic coating, your car will be protected from minor scratches.

A shiny car getting a coating.

Protects Your Car's Resale Value

You likely won’t keep your same car forever, so it’s best to always consider its resale value and take good care of your vehicle. Aside from scratches, there are a number of other damages that having ceramic coating will prevent. For one, the ceramic coating can protect your car and its paint coat from nature, namely, tree sap and bird droppings. Now, you can park your car under shady trees without having to worry about nature ruining the paint. When your car is protected from the works of nature by means of a ceramic coating, you can rest assured that its resale value won’t dip.

Red car being waxed by hand.


Having a ceramic coating applied to your car will last for years, saving you time and money. At RPM Autospa, we offer ceramic coatings that are guaranteed to last for 1-, 3-, or 7-years. Ceramic coatings protect your car from water, dirt, grime, mud, and more, so you’ll be able to skip the weekly car washes. Additionally, ceramic coatings are similar to having a longer-term, more protective wax so you can skip the car waxes, too. By investing in a ceramic coating for your vehicle, you’ll be able to save money in the long run.

Car getting a wax coating applied with a buffer.

Car Stays Cleaner

A ceramic coating will make your car hydrophobic and protect it from UV damage. On top of that, as we mentioned, a ceramic coating also prevents tree sap, bird droppings, and other works of nature from sticking to your car’s paint coat. With a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you will no longer have to take your car for a car wash and you can park it wherever you please without worrying about nature. With ceramic coating, your car will look fresh off the dealer’s lot every single day.

Get Your Protective Ceramic Coating Today

RPM Autospa proudly offers Owner’s Pride ceramic coatings in Kent, Washington. If you want to preserve your car’s paint, protect it from the forces of nature, save money on car washes, and have a car that looks sparkling clean every day, schedule a ceramic coating service today! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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