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Additional Services

Keeping your car in top condition is complicated if you don't have the support of experts in repairing and restoring all of its elements. That's why at RPM Autospa, we perform a wide variety of services in Kent to give you complete support that will provide your car a new life, and keep it safe.

Image of clear vehicle headlights

Headlight Restoration

RPM Autospa offers headlight restoration in Kent, Washington and the surrounding area. The headlight restoration process adds more value to your car and makes it look brand new once again. In fact, wear and tear on your car's headlights is inevitable and headlight polishing is as necessary as washing your car’s exterior. Restoring your car's headlights will keep the value of your vehicle longer and will give it a much more elegant look, not to mention all the safety benefits it offers — after all the headlights will be in the best condition for when you hit the road.

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Image of a clean car windshield

Glass Repair

At RPM Autospa, we have the best technicians in Kent to help you repair your car's glass. In our shop, we can do everything from small technical evaluations to prevent accidents, to a complete windshield replacement with the highest quality materials on the market. Contact us today to get a quote!

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 Image of the trim on a vehicle

Trim Restoration

Well-maintained plastic trim plays a vital role in maintaining the overall visual impact of your ride. At RPM Autospa, we consider ourselves expert trim restorers. If the trim pieces outside of your car are fading, we will restore them to their original color. From plastic door handles, mirrors, and bumper covers to wheel flairs and bed liners, we can restore all types of exterior trim. Our service technicians help protect your trim from UV rays, rain, snow, heat, and other elements that can damage the beauty of your car.

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Image of a car’s exterior paint

Chip Correction

Your car's paint was not designed to last forever. However, at RPM Autospa, we do the best job to make it last as long as possible , as to keep the beauty of your car intact. Our auto shop in Kent, Washington takes care of restoring your car's "like new" appearance! Fixing all those little details that take away the beauty of your car and recovering your investment.

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At RPM Autospa, we specialize in auto detailing in Kent, WA. But we are also proud to offer car owners other services such as headlight restoration, glass repair, trim restoration, and chip correction. We strive to give you the most complete service to make your car look new and make you feel proud of your vehicle. Get a quote and take your car to the next level!

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